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Rosewood Property Satisfies Top In-Room Demand with IPTV Solution


When the Rosewood Sand Hill went searching for a video-on-demand (VOD) solutions provider for their newly built hotel in Silicon Valley, they knew that it would be no small task. Management was looking for a provider to deliver free-to-guest content, as well as offer a converged solution onto a single set top box. And if that wasn't specific enough, the would-be provider faced the challenge of dynamically integrating its solution with the systems Rosewood had already secured for their in-room automation (Control4) and networking service (DCI Design). The provider they selected was Tangerine Global.

Critical in Rosewood's decision-making process was Tangerine Global's ability to work with other partners and still deliver an exceptional IPTV platform. Tangerine Global had demonstrated expertise in the IPTV space with their Citrus solution and its delivery of high quality HD content. Citrus delivered a high-end viewing experience for both free-to-guest and VOD programs, plus an interactive programming guide (IPG). By leveraging its Telco-grade carrier distribution, Citrus allowed for a minimal headend footprint, exceptional redundancy and up-time service level agreements.

A custom-built solution
As an early adopter to IPTV, Rosewood worked closely with its partners to ensure a smooth installation. The hotel and the solution provider managed many variables required to successfully integrate its system to provide a unified graphical experience. Close coordination with engineers ensured the networking equipment was configured to securely deliver HD content both as free-to-guest and purchased on-demand content. Utilizing a Cisco set top box, Tangerine Global was able to provide a robust channeling, multi-cast and IGMP support, resulting in one-second channel change times. In the end, Tangerine Global delivered a state-of-the-art custom-built solution specifically to meet the needs of Rosewood Sand Hill.

Today, Rosewood Sand Hill enjoys offering their guests a truly differentiated experience. Rosewood's guests can intuitively navigate a wide variety of programming (over 125 VOD titles) at a much faster rate than ever before. In addition to satisfied guests, the Rosewood Sand Hill has taken advantage of branding itself both with subtlety and elegance by leveraging the graphic user interface design of the system, providing an upscale look and feel with residential quality. The property is beginning to explore adding enhanced services such as guest requested applications, Internet widgets and guest/event centric messaging. The Rosewood Sand Hill is looking to Tangerine Global for the next wave of innovative features, raising the guest experience to new heights.

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