RoomKeyPMS Releases Enhancements to Mobile Check-In with Automated Pre-arrival Emails

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

RoomKeyPMS announces the release of enhancements to its native mobile check-in functionality with the addition of built-in automated email communications.

When guest’s check-in off-site it is essential that communications guide their journey to the check-in and are not delayed due 3rd party system latency or failure.  Included in RoomKeyPMS Mobile Check-In we have released features to:

  • Create branded automated mobile check-in emails same day or prior to arrival
  • Customize email triggers based on client type, market segments and rate plan
  • Manually send check-in emails directly to guests as needed
  • Monitor email logs to ensure mobile check-in emails are received

These enhancements build on the already existing features released in RoomKeyPMS’s Mobile Check-In. The features make the check-in process efficient by allowing guests to:

  • Stay informed with relevant emails at the right time
  • Socially distance in a hotel lobby or use a check-in method that fits their comfort level
  • Check-in efficiently saving your hotel team time during lower staffing levels

“Our new built-in email features are another step forward in completing a feature-rich mobile check-in solution for our hotels that is intrinsically part of the PMS and not a 3rd party extension which can be cost prohibitive and unreliable. It is important that RoomKeyPMS not only allow our hotels to provide in-person service, but an equally  positive experience through mobile devices. Automated emails that are pre-templated and branded, based on industry best practices, ensure the conversation with the guest is not broken from the moment a guest requests to check-in through to their arrival at the hotel.” said Tim Major, RoomKeyPMS Executive Vice President and General Manager.

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