RoomKeyPMS Announces Recovery Roadmap to Help Hotels Come Back Strong

RoomKeyPMS released its Recovery Roadmap to provide hotels the tools they will need to build their businesses back from the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have been working closely with our hotel partners to understand their immediate and long term needs to operate in a changed environment. This collaboration helped us map-out and begin to launch features and functionality critical for success in meeting new guest expectations, maximizing profitability at modest occupancy levels and keeping employees safe,” said Tim Major, Executive Vice President and General Manager of RoomKeyPMS.

The Recovery Roadmap focuses on the functions of hotel operations, distribution, marketing and revenue management. Some highlights include:

  • New check-in and check-out procedures – from a pure mobile solution to amended on-property processes
  • Contactless payments – RoomKeyPMS’s integrated payments platform supports payments with limited to no contact through either pre-arrival deposits, on-property tap and pay and/or other physically distanced payment terminal configurations
  • Room management – Automated room staggering usage and/or assignment of rooms cleaned pre-arrival
  • Housekeeping – support for a variety of new housekeeping standards including flexible housekeeping request times to reduce human-to-human contact, new scheduling standards and documentation of room cleanliness inspections
  • Smarter distribution – having inventory in as many places as possible with maximum control over pricing standards is more important than ever. Enabled through the utilization of industry leading connections to travel distributors as well as an integrated channel management module
  • Effective marketing and revenue management – Updated CRM tools and connectivity with leading Revenue Management Systems to help hotels capture the most revenue possible.
  • Travel Demand Forecasting – new weekly report showing travel demand for specific markets including source market data bundled with competitor rate shopping information

“The duration and scope of the recovery period in the hotel industry will be different than ever before. Hotels cannot stimulate new demand, they can only try to capture a greater share of it as it emerges. This is why it’s so important our hotel partners have every tool necessary to run their businesses as well as possible. We are focused on investing in our growth to help our hotel partners come back strong,” said Rich Maradik, CEO of NSight Holdings parent of RoomKeyPMS.

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