RLH Corporation Pledges to "Keep Our Country Moving" During COVID-19 Pandemic


RLH Corporation announced the launch of “Keep Our Country Moving,” a program aimed to assist and relieve critical workforces and first responders whose jobs require them to leave home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Company - encompassing some of the continent’s most value-conscious brands - understands the necessity of assisting those who continue to work on the frontlines during these unprecedented times. To do this, RLHC has asked its approximately 1,000 hotels across North America to provide large discounts to essential workers who must leave their residences for work between April 15th and the end of June. Through this campaign, RLHC aims to relieve truck drivers, delivery personnel, construction workers, EMS teams, healthcare professionals, law enforcement agents and anyone who is continuing their hard work in essential industries during this time.

“The well-being and comfort of our guests continues to be our highest priority – and this time is no different,” said John Russell, CEO of RLH Corporation. “During this unprecedented period, RLHC is extending our gratitude to all essential workers who cannot fulfill their duties from home by offering a place of refuge. These people are venturing out daily to protect us and the last thing they should worry about is how their courageous efforts will affect their loved ones back home.”

The support program will provide essential workers with a 50% discount, per room, on top of the RLHC’s pre-established low rates. In developing “Keep Our Country Moving,” the Company strives to support not only those who are still required to travel for work, but also the healthcare and other workers who must protect their loved ones by staying away from home.

This campaign accompanies other measures the Company has taken during the COVID-19 pandemic such as fee relief to franchisees and corporate discounts to healthcare companies within the HotelEngine network, a travel tech company making lodging management easier for businesses. RLHC has also urged franchisees to utilize the American Hotel & Lodging Association program, “Hotels for Hope” which focuses on connecting hotel properties with the health community for temporary housing options and the non-profit, Hospitality Helps, an organization with a mission to create a centralized bed repository for hospitals through hotels.

“It is inspiring to see these workers continue to move our nation forward and offering relief to them is the least we could do to show our appreciation,” said Russell. “The wellbeing of our communities lies in the hands of these heroic workers and if we can protect and support them, we can be a small part of the resolution.”

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