RizePoint, Savvy Food Safety Team up on COVID-19 Checklists

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

SaaS solution provider RizePoint, has partnered with Savvy Food Safety,  to help companies dramatically elevate their safety and cleanliness protocols as a result of COVID-19. 

Coronavirus has dramatically increased the need for companies to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers. Organizations must implement new processes, continuously train staff on the new expectations, regularly audit and inspect facilities, ensure employee compliance, and enforce behavior changes accordingly.

RizePoint offers a mobile auditing platform in the marketplace, which is helping companies worldwide adjust to the drastic changes in this post-COVID world. Savvy Food Safety provides the highest-quality compliance training, education, and inspections, and supports businesses as they increase their cleaning and sanitizing protocols to reduce coronavirus risks. Together, RizePoint and Savvy Food Safety are providing tools and support to ensure employees are trained around the new safety and cleanliness procedures and compliant in following them.

Complete, comprehensive, and user-friendly are benefits at the heart of RizePoint’s  solution. Additionally, RizePoint gives businesses the tools to reassure employees and customers about the safety and cleanliness of their venues through transparency about their elevated protocols. The tools help companies:

  • Train staff on the new safety precautions implemented due to coronavirus and reinforce proper behaviors.
  • Audit and track activities to ensure compliance.
  • Aggregate audit and checklist data across all locations and business operations.
  • Use multi-level reporting by location, region, and corporation to ensure compliance.

RizePoint seamlessly integrates these new, post-COVID processes into companies’ standard operating procedures.

RizePoint is introducing three levels of their proven solutions, including free access to the online/offline mobile application, as well as complimentary access to COVID-19-related forms, reports, and auditing tools, all reviewed and endorsed by food safety leader, Savvy Food Safety. Levels two and three build on this free RizePoint offer, with options for customizable forms, videos, and consulting from Savvy Food Safety experts. For more information on these levels, visit https://rizepoint.com/mobile-auditor-covid-19-free-use/.

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