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Revention Introduces Order Tracker to Online Ordering Platforms

Revention, a provider of custom point of sale solutions to the hospitality industry, said it just released a custom online order tracker that will integrate across all online ordering platforms including mobile applications. 
Once an order is placed, the tracker will be visible within the mobile app or the online ordering tracker page.  For guest orders, the email order confirmation sent to the consumer will include a link to the order tracker.  Setting up the stages for the order tracker is completely customizable based on the concept and restaurant's needs.  The order tracker will connect with the store and show the current stage based on the order types and stages defined.
The order tracker will allow for numerous customizations.  Each branded concept will be able to create a unique name for the tracker, e.g. Track My Order, Where's My Food, etc. Stage names may be customized to allow for additional brand marketing as well as custom tracker graphics. 
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