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Revel Announces Integration with Dragontail Algo System at Pizza Expo 2017

Revel Systems,  a feature-rich business platform that integrates all operations and customer channels driven by the point-of-sale into a single dashboard, announced a partnership at Pizza Expo 2017 in Las Vegas with Dragontail Systems, a company providing the QSR industry with automating technology and artificial intelligence, to implement their Algo System and Camera Cutting Station technology into restaurant and quick service operations.
With the rise in automation, businesses have the choice to adapt or risk falling behind.  Through the implementation of the Dragontail Algo system, which uses a sophisticated patented algorithm to optimize and manage the entire food preparation process from order to delivery, Revel is providing customers with a competitive edge by driving time and cost savings in a market where every second saved is crucial. The Camera Cutting Station implements machine learning technology through a sensor and camera which monitor kitchen activity during the preparation and cooking process, improving the quality and consistency of food. This improvement reduces labor and food costs for business owners, and enhances the customer experience by providing a seamless kitchen flow.
Revel customers can easily install Dragontail’s Algo System into their current restaurant operations – allowing clients to have one seamless integrated system that will handle orders through to payments and deliveries.

"We were familiar with and considering Revel Systems as our POS Provider.  The moment we heard that the Dragontail Algo Dispatching solution was integrated with Revel, it was no longer a question.  The implementation of Revel and Algo has gone extremely well so far and we are excited to have revolutionary full stack technology combining the best enterprise POS with an unprecedented optimization solution ensuring that our pizzas will go fresh and direct from oven to consumer,” said Jamie Borruso, owner of Borruso's Pizza and Pasta in Sydney Australia.

Borruso's is using Dragontail’s Algo Dispatching solution and unique quality control camera, the Camera Cut Station Unit, in conjunction with Revel Systems’ POS.

The Revel and Dragontail integrated solution is currently being deployed in Australia, and select Pizza Hut locations in the US, Israel, and Canada.

Revel will be at booth N2637 and Dragontail Systems will be at booth N2552 at Pizza Expo. 

For an infographic illustrating how technology is disrupting the pizza industry, click here.
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