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Revcaster Partners with Duetto to Deliver Hotel Rate Shopping Tools that Drive Revenue

Revcaster has announced that Duetto will integrate Revcaster comp-set data to further increase revenue optimization opportunities for hotel operators.  Revcaster’s comp-set data integrates automatically with Duetto to simplify implementation for users. Revcaster daily rate shopping data flows into the Duetto system via a custom download that is hands-free for operators.
Duetto and Revcaster share many clients in common, such as Denihan Hospitality Group and Pineapple Hospitality. On average, clients have saved more than 20% by switching to Revcaster. Nearly 5,000 hotels rely on Revcaster’s hotel rate shopping.   
Developed by hoteliers for hotel operators, Revcaster’s application collects market-specific comp-set hotel price information from hundreds of branded sites and online travel agencies. Revcaster provides easy-to-use reports and data downloads. Reports are available anytime online in daily, weekly or other user-specific delivery formats. The company’s API makes it super easy to download pricing data into any revenue management tool or PMS its clients prefer.  Revcaster’s professional customer-centric approach to project implementation and support, proven track record, and installed base of 5000 properties underscore the company’s unrivaled grasp of intelligent rate shopping principles for the hotel industry.
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