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RetailBox Debuts

SharpLink launches its all-inclusive telecom/technology solution called RetailBox, for multi-location enterprise. RetailBox was designed from the ground up, based on extensive and direct feedback from corporate executives to hourly employees across multiple verticals. It not only allows businesses to streamline and significantly improve telco/technology infrastructures, but also provides ample opportunity to reduce expenses.

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Features and benefits of RetailBox include:

  • Solve the Bandwidth Problem: Cable, DSL, Fiber, EoC, T1, Cellular, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite. Because SD-WAN is included, RetailBox can aggregate multiple circuits or internet sources into one pipe.
  • Hosted Voice: Keep your current number, unlimited LD, music on hold, auto attendant, voicemail to email, Yealink business class desk and cordless phones.
  • SD-WAN: Total control from the data center to the edge, all from one pane of glass.
  • 4G/5G Failover: Minimize downtime, maximize revenue, and improve the customer experience. Built-in to our SD-WAN hardware, no additional 3rd party needed.
  • Managed Wi-Fi: Provide reliable Wi-Fi throughout and across every location. Because RetailBox Wi-Fi controller is built-in to our SD-WAN Orchestrator, no additional third party needed.
  • Risk Assessment: RetailBox evaluates your ability to prevent, detect, contain, and remediate a ransomware attack.
  • Installation Included 
  • Fully managed, 24/7 support, one low price, one monthly bill.

RetailBox is available now.   

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