Restaurants Now Have Easy Access to Proven Virtual Brands through Deliverect Marketplace

 Deliverect, a global scale-up that simplifies digital orders for more than 25,000 locations across 40 markets, announced today its Marketplace is expanding to include virtual brands. With this virtual brands division, Deliverect Marketplace now seamlessly connects restaurants and dark kitchens to quality label virtual brand partners so they can deliver even more delicious offerings, ultimately building the best customer experience.

Deliverect Marketplace – which was previously known as its App Store – is a first-of-its-kind online ecosystem of food industry partners. It connects hospitality players such as stock management, kiosk, POS, order & pay, food delivery services and now virtual brands, so restaurants can streamline costs and efficiencies, generate incoming leads, boost sales, and more.

"At Deliverect, we are committed to giving every restaurant and dark kitchen the best tools to thrive," said Zhong Xu, Deliverect Co-founder, and CEO. "We started by helping restaurants connect their delivery channels to their POS systems and are expanding to do so much more for the industry. For example, we listened to our Deliverect users who said they want more resources and more creative ways to deliver their meals to customers. With Deliverect Marketplace – and the platform's new virtual brand partners – we're putting these restaurants in touch with the best businesses to help them do just that."

About Virtual Brands and Deliverect Marketplace

Generally, a 'virtual brand' is a food service provider that only exists digitally. Virtual brands can support restaurants' online deliveries with anything from branding, supply management, recipes, scaling, and more, and can be run from a current restaurant kitchen or 'dark kitchen' (one that is not associated with any storefront). 

With virtual brands on Deliverect Marketplace, Deliverect restaurants and dark kitchen customers are able to connect with and use these digital-only providers, so they can make and deliver even more inventive meals for customers and generate additional revenue. Virtual brands can also easily connect and partner with each other, opening the door to more opportunities for their own businesses.

How it Works and Virtual Brands Partners 

Deliverect Marketplace is the only industry aggregator of different virtual brand providers, all under one easy platform. Restaurants and dark kitchens will have access to nearly twenty - and counting - virtual brand offerings all through a few finger swipes on the app.

A sampling of Deliverect Marketplace virtual brand partners include:

  • Peckwater Brands: Helps restaurants make more money from food delivery - restaurants produce Peckwater brands, from their existing kitchen, for their local area. It doesn't cost anything extra to work with Peckwater - no new kit, space, or staff. Restaurants can expect to sell £12,120 - £45,823 per month, at a margin of 25%+.
  • Popchew: Injecting fun into food delivery through its digitally native food brands built in partnership with creators. Popchew is where food and pop culture meet.
  • Franklin Junction: An innovative e-commerce marketplace that allows any restaurant to become a Host Kitchen for another restaurant brand.

Hospitality personnel simply browse the virtual brands section of Deliverect Marketplace to communicate with, license, and start working with the best virtual brand to make their business thrive. More virtual brand partners - including reusable packaging vendors - will be added to the marketplace in the near future.

"Popchew has rapidly scaled our celebrity-backed virtual restaurant brands nationwide in a matter of months, thanks to Deliverect's technology," said Nick Sopchak, Co-Founder and COO. "We are thrilled to partner with Deliverect on the launch of their Marketplace, unlocking Popchew's industry-leading revenue growth for thousands of Deliverect customers."

Virtual brands are now available on Deliverect Marketplace in the US, UK, and UAE, with plans to roll out in more markets later this year. To learn more, visit

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