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Restaurant Technology Network: Four Years All In

RTN Co-Founder Angela Diffly took the stage at MURTEC to recap of RTN's accomplishments.
Angela Diffly at MURTEC
RTN Co-Founder Angela Diffly says

Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) launched four years ago at MURTEC. Co-Founder Angela Diffly took to the MURTEC stage to share an update.

Today RTN has:

  • 2000 members
  • 400 restaurant brands
  • 100 suppliers
  • 55 board members 

Fun Fact: 50% of MURTEC attendees are RTN members.  

The lifeblood of RTN are the industry workgroups. Operators and vendors work together to collaboratively tackle challenges in the industry. 

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“We create tools to solve challenges,” said Diffly.  “We look for universal problems we can solve together.” 

Diffly recapped some of RTN’s accomplishments to date, including the RTN Open API Standard, Restaurant Technology Framework, the Fast-Match Tool, Off Prem Playbook,  Cyber Security, numerous technical documentations and more that are available online at under Resources.

One of the biggest challenges restaurants face is integrations, Diffly explained, adding that the RTN Open API framework is “foundational” to drive standardization across the industry.  

“Our battle cry is adoption,” Diffly said. 

At MURTEC 2023, RTN is launching Restaurant KPI Tools with over 100 KPIs.  

Explore RTN demo station at MURTEC.


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