Restaurant Server Creates App-Based Training

graphical user interface, application

Terra Tech LLC announced the immediate launch of their restaurant organization, training and communication app called Yelli.  Yelli is a mobile and desktop app designed to solve the challenges of training and managing serving and restaurant staff.

Created by a waitress to make life better for restaurant workers, Yelli uses mobile technology to offer real-time communication and training to restaurant workers and managers.

This app is available to every restaurant location at the same cost regardless of staff size. Purchase and setup are simple, user-driven and entirely online.

Yelli was created by a waitress after seeing first hand the problems stemming from lack of effective and efficient restaurant training and communication. According to founder Danielle Casilio: “I started Yelli because I knew that if restaurants were able to simplify their training program and communicate quicker, not only would the lives of the staff members improve, but the guest experience would be much better as well.”

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