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Restaurant Protects Brand and Customer Data With PCI Security Provider

Mama Fu’s Asian House, an Austin, Texas based restaurant chain, has selected ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX) as the endorsed provider of security and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) solutions to its franchise community.
The announced alliance supports Mama Fu’s initiative to help their franchisees keep sensitive customer card data safe from cyber criminals using ANX’s SecurePCI solution. The solution provides each Mama Fu’s location with $100,000 of data breach protection services. SecurePCI also includes a comprehensive managed security and compliance solution featuring leading edge security technology and powerful tools to make achieving PCI compliance faster and easier for Mama Fu’s locations.
Prior to teaming with ANX, one concern Mama Fu’s had was that because of the very tightly integrated set of IS systems that Mama Fu’s uses that a mistake by a vendor could leave a hole in the defenses. To help to minimize the possibility if this occurring, ANX created a custom solution that provides each new franchise partner site with a service to pre-stage, provision, label and tag the every IS system component other than the POS system and then installs all said equipment as part of the store opening process.  

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