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Restaurant Gets Valuable Feedback from Survey Solution

RIVUE Restaurant & Lounge, located in The Galt House Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, thrives by making emotional connections with its guests. The UniFocus GUESTScope Survey Solution informs them if that connection with patrons is being made.
RIVUE, which caters to both a large special occasion clientele, as well as a loyal local customer base, uses GUESTScope to survey diners that have made reservations online directly through the restaurant, or through the Open Table online reservations system. Diners that have provided an email address through either reservation process are presented with a guest survey via email after the dining experience. Hotel guests that dine in the restaurant are also surveyed.
RIVUE is getting a high percentage of competed surveys of somewhere between 60 and 70 percent of the emails that are sent. The high completion percentage gives an extraordinarily accurate analysis of guest perception. RIVUE has dramatically increased scores while using the program. Diners are no longer as focused on the steps of service as in the past, they want to make a connection with the restaurant.
UniFocus’ Guest Satisfaction Survey Solution gives users the information needed to make informed decisions. The “at a glance” dashboard shows Key Opportunities, revenue at risk and trending and benchmarking data. The Survey Response System (SRS) makes timely responses to guests simple and fast.

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