RendezVerse Launches New Product at m&i Europe Spring Forum 

Attendees demoing RendezVerse

Metaverse platform for the events and hotel sector, RendezVerse has launched at the m&i Europe Spring forum in Seville, showcasing its platform with over 300 demo trips into the metaverse while launching its initial product, the RV360.

RendezVerse harnesses the power of Web3 technologies to pave the way for greener, more efficient business travel. As the first and only platform for the hotel and events community which enables users to search, share and view VR and interactive 360-degree content, RendezVerse is initiating a Metaverse-as-a-service model for the hospitality and travel industries.

Founded in October 2021, RendezVerse comes from the team behind Worldwide Events and m&i, the 15-year industry leader for MICE event tech. The event launch marks the first time RendezVerse will be shared with a public audience and also offers a first glimpse of RendezVerse’s starter product, the RV360.

RV360 is a next generation virtual site inspection app for hotels, event spaces and their clients. It leverages existing 360-degree VR technology, allowing the interaction of avatars in photorealistic environments and is thus an easy and quick gateway for all hotels and event planners to experience the advantages of the metaverse.

Using a VR headset or the RV360 mobile app and headset enclosure, the meeting participants can interact as they would in a real-world setting whilst saving time, money and CO2 on their site inspections. Set to be an industry gamechanger, RV360 provides a totally immersive metaverse experience, during which participants can see where each other is looking and converse in real-time, without any perceptible lag.

RendezVerse’s keynote session at m&i Europe marks the official launch of the brand, with the full platform set to welcome guests in Autumn 2022. Come Autumn, the RendezVerse platform will launch in full, populated by thousands of m&i buyers as well as hotel and events space content.

RendezVerse will provide an all-in-one solution for hosting and viewing all 360-degree and VR content. Products will include RV360, RV Xplore - the virtual site scouting tool based on manipulatable digital twin event spaces; and RV Podium which delivers conference content and networking to anyone, anywhere in VR.

RendezVerse is already undergoing development projects to perfect the corporate metaverse with some of the world’s most renowned hotels, including InterContinental Paris le Grand, Atlantis Palm Dubai and Madrid Marriot Auditorium. By the end of 2023, RendezVerse will play host to over 1,000 hotels and several thousand buyers across both the leisure and MICE industries.

RendezVerse CEO, Peter Gould, comments:

“The business benefits of the metaverse, in both planning and executing corporate events, are multiple. RendezVerse will allow for remote site visits, saving money, time, and CO2, and even offers the opportunity of hosting events in the metaverse too. Once hotels enter the metaverse, they’re not going to look back.”

As part of its launch, RendezVerse is inviting guests at m&i to try out the platform for themselves. Using true-to-life digital twins, RendezVerse will guide guests through a virtual journey to visit a host of recognisable hotel and event spaces from across the globe such as the Madrid Marriott Auditorium.

With RendezVerse as main sponsor, m&i Europe is one of the biggest MICE trade shows in Europe and is hosting almost 1,000 industry guests at Seville’s Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento.

The event offers European buyers and global suppliers the chance to network and make new connections in an incredible setting and this year, thanks to RendezVerse, the event will be taking guests out of this world and into the metaverse.

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