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Refrigerator Increases Food Safety with Touch-Screen Interface

The Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon Visual Interface provides ease-of-use and dependability that can help improve food safety over regular refrigeration, and also ensure high-volume production accuracy. Traulsen, a leader in designing and manufacturing premium commercial refrigeration equipment, was the first manufacturer to introduce a blast chiller with a touch-screen control panel, which helps remove training barriers and deliver consistent, repeatable results.
The clean and intuitive design of the Epicon control panel helps reduce confusion since it requires only a few simple steps to create and manage custom food chilling programs. As with previous Traulsen Blast Chillers, an operator can chill food from serving to storing temperature (135°F to below 41°F) in approximately 90 minutes, helping to ensure freshness and food safety.
The Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon is equipped with Auto and Manual modes. To use the Auto Menu function, the operator simply inserts the ProbeChill™ temperature probe into the prepared food. The blast chiller then launches the Auto Menu function, using the factory default standard temperature setting of 37°F. When the food temperature reaches 37°F, the chiller beeps. If the operator would rather chill by a set time, pressing “EZ TIME” once the ProbeChill is inserted ensures that the food is chilled within the factory default time of 90 minutes.

If using the ProbeChill affects final presentation or for simple menu recall, the operator selects Auto Menu on the touch-screen control panel, he or she can retrieve a saved product by name and then press “Start.”
The Manual Menu mode provides a series of guided steps and gives the chef control over critical factors such as temperature, time and chilling method. After a Manual Menu item is entered, it can be saved for future use so that the next time the food is prepared, the operator can launch the Auto Menu and retrieve the saved instructions. Up to 250 recipes can be stored for future use. In addition, a built-in USB port allows for easy transfer of information between the blast chiller and a personal computer.
The Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon offers four chilling methods for increased efficiency and flexibility compared to traditional blast chillers:
·         Standard – Used for basic operation
·         Speed – Ideal for high-volume operations and reduced chill time by approximately 10 percent
·         Delicate – Retains moisture and food quality during the chill cycle
·         Energy – Uses approximately 10 percent less energy per cycle than the standard method
Whether the chiller is operating in Auto or Manual Menu mode, key batch data is displayed on the run screen so that anyone in the kitchen can check start and finish temperature, chill time, product name selected and the username assigned to the batch.

The Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon is equipped with an on-board printer that provides documentation needed to meet HACCP requirements. In addition, an optional label printer enables production of adhesive labels for product containers, eliminating the need for handwritten labels or the possibility of operator error.
In addition to the Traulsen Blast Chiller, the Epicon visual interface is available as an option on the Baxter Rotating Rack Oven and Hybrid Convection Oven, meaning that staff can move easily between blast chillers and ovens with a minimum amount of training.   
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