Real-time Mobile Enterprise Platform Offers Instant Gratification with Problem Solving

Companies can add a game-changing digital tool to their customer service arsenal with the newly launched Satisfi. The real-time, mobile enterprise platform allows consumers to communicate directly with a business via their smart device while they are on-site or in-store, and in turn allows the business to quickly solve problems, respond to requests and ultimately “wow” customers. For subscribing businesses, Satisfi drives sales by resolving their customers’ legitimate concerns and keeps the customer positively engaged with the brand.
Satisfi provides a private and secure channel for consumers to convey their concerns and for companies to respond to them immediately. By keeping the conversation directly between them and their customers, businesses can bypass the shame game on social media review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. 
Satisfi’s uses are as varied as the businesses that employ it: Hotel guests can signal housekeeping directly to send additional pillows or alert maintenance to an air conditioning issue before their comfort is compromised.  Restaurants can quickly resolve an order complaint before it negatively impacts the patron’s dining experience. Clothing stores can respond instantly to a customer’s need for more size options without requiring the customer to seek out an associate or leave the privacy of the dressing room. 
Businesses that sign up for Satisfi create a checklist of common concerns and requests, as well as appropriate signage, to deploy in the establishment at the point of service – whether it’s a hotel guest room or lobby entrance, restaurant, clothing store dressing room, car dealership showroom, or check-out line. 
Customers use their smart device to access the Satisfi platform via the free Android app (with iOS set to launch late-Sept.), via a QR code on signage, by geo-location on the webapp, i-beacon, or a text-back feature. They select an issue from the supplied checklist, or free type a request of their own, and submit their feedback along with their email address.  One or more designated team members within the organization are immediately alerted to an incoming request via email or text, enabling immediate response to service requests and rapid resolution of problems before they escalate.
Satisfi provides back-end analytics to its business subscribers via a full-feature Enterprise Dashboard. Subscribers can use the dashboard analytics to field and respond to customer feedback, review the types of requests the business typically receives, monitor trends, and identify areas of strength and weakness in customer service.
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