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React Mobile Launches Hospitality Safety Package for Seattle Hoteliers

React Mobile announced that it launched a Hospitality Safety Package built exclusively for Seattle hoteliers addressing a new workplace safety measure mandating the availability of panic buttons for all Seattle hotel workers. React Mobile is extending the offer as a simple, low-cost way for Seattle hotels to address the measure passed by voters as part of Initiative 124, which aims to improve the individual safety of housekeepers and other hotel staff. 
Initiative 124 requires Seattle hotels to provide housekeepers with panic buttons, track guests accused of harassment, limit housekeeper workloads, help thousands of low-wage employees pay for health care and retain workers during ownership transfers, among other things. 
As part of its Hospitality Package, React Mobile will provide hotels with panic buttons, a custom branded React Dispatch Console, a custom branded sign-up webpage where hotel employees can download the free React Mobile safety app, as well as software maintenance and support. The Package requires no upfront expense or intensive integration. 
The company’s panic button, called the Sidekick, turns any smartphone into a powerful lifeline. With a single click of the Sidekick safety device, users can activate the app and issue an SOS alert for immediate emergency assistance, even when their phone screen is locked or their phone is out of reach.  The React Mobile safety app’s “Follow-Me” feature shares the user’s location with co-workers, friends, or family, enabling them to track the user’s whereabouts in real-time and follow him or her to safety.
The React Dispatch Console combines alert management, computer aided dispatch, and incident reporting in one central application for improved situational awareness and faster response times.
The technology enables emergency dispatch centers to receive React SOS alerts around-the-clock, as well as the ability to immediately identify the person in distress – and their exact location. 
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