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Raydiant Introduces Touch Kiosks

Raydiant introduces kiosk touch technology. Kiosk allows businesses to create and customize interactive touchscreen experiences tailored to their customer base.

Businesses in all sectors—retail, restaurant, healthcare, banking, and more—are seeing the popularity of self-service and interactive in-location technologies, with almost 70% of consumers stating they're more likely to buy from a brand using them. Plus, since Kiosk is powered by Wi-Fi or LTE, businesses can use it whenever and wherever they need it.

Kiosks can be used to create touch experiences that engage, entertain, and educate customers. Customers can create interactive check-in points with customized welcome messaging in their entrances and lobbies. The touch display can be used to entertain guests with interactive games as they wait for service. And businesses can offer customers a tour of a new product's features in a fun, self-guided experience where the customer controls the pace. To reduce the spread of disease, an optional antimicrobial film is also available for your Kiosk touch screen.

Raydiant's LTE capabilities and partnerships with companies like Simplifi and T-Mobile make Kiosk available on the go, with or without Wi-Fi. With high-speed LTE connectivity, users can bring the Kiosk experience anywhere their business takes them.

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