Rapid Fired Pizza, Hot Head Burritos Complete Rollout of Qu

The growing multi-brand restaurant group cites operational efficiencies, increased stability, and rapid response times as key benefits of the successful partnership.
Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Rapid Fired Pizza and Hot Head Burritos, two growing fast casual chains with over 120 locations, have moved their full omni-channel ordering platform to Qu for in-store and digital ordering, achieving valuable time savings and efficiencies for franchisees and operations teams.

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Hot Head Burritos and Rapid Fire PIzza cites operational efficiencies, increased stability, and rapid response times as key benefits of its partnership with Qu.

The multi-brand concept evaluated several POS systems and selected the Qu platform for its “open, flexible and next-gen cloud architecture.” Ohio-based Rapid Fired Pizza co-founder, Peter Wiley, cited reliability, speed, and simplified omni-channel menu management as the primary reasons for switching off their original first-gen cloud POS. After repeatedly experiencing issues with stability and offline payment processing, Qu’s in-store redundancy and offline cloud capabilities were extremely attractive.

“The architecture behind the Qu platform is cutting-edge. It offers us ultimate fluidity and options to manage our business and make changes in one place whenever we need to. We reviewed over a dozen POS systems and nobody came close to what Qu could offer; they were on a whole different plane,” said Wiley.

The two chains were managing nearly 10 different versions of their menus, plus middleware for integrating their third-party delivery services, prior to Qu. Today, they manage one menu system, in which they can customize each item’s price, channel, availability, imagery, and other attributes across all the order channels. No more tablet farms or aggregators required.

“Because the entire menu is dynamic and items are contextual, menu management and administration are so much easier now,” said Wiley. “Our franchisees can manage their multi-location portfolio in one place; with major time savings. Qu offers such a different paradigm for menu management; having one item capable of diverse contexts and functions is a game-changer.”

Both chains are taking full advantage of Qu’s deep platform—using Qu’s native online ordering and direct third-party delivery integrations, plus in-store POS solutions, centralized administration and reporting portal, and loyalty integration through Punchh.

As the brand eyes the future and recovering from the shock of COVID, they’re planning to open several new restaurants in 2021 and are focused on improving and optimizing their online ordering sites.

The Rapid Fired Pizza and Hot Head Burritos team shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to several new store openings, they are currently working on launching Qu’s enhanced curbside features with two-way guest communications, as well as Notify, Qu’s mobile reporting app.

“We initially selected Qu because of the innovative technology, but we’ve received so much more than a new technology. The Qu team is great at executing on what they promise. Should issues arise they are fixed in days not weeks or months. The innovation pace is rapid with 3-week sprints and feedback loops—they listen, hear, and execute. I know what is coming up on the roadmap. Our partnership is collaborative and rich,” said co-founder Peter Wiley.