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The Rainmaker Group and Springer-Miller Systems Integrate to Amplify Pricing Strategies

The Rainmaker Group and Springer-Miller Systems, are now seamlessly integrating data with a newly enhanced connection that allows for a new level of dynamic pricing controls, with two-way integration of data between Rainmaker’s guestrev® pricing and forecasting solution and Springer-Miller Systems’ (SMS) SMS|Host Hospitality Management System.
Through the new interface, Rainmaker is able to upload proposals for both best available rates and derived rates to the SMS|Host Hospitality Management System in a fully-automated environment. This creates a dynamic yearly pricing strategy for the hotel in a fraction of the time, as revenue managers no longer need to manually input changes to daily rates, reducing the integration process from days to mere minutes.
Rainmaker’s guestrev solution uses proven forecasting and optimization algorithms to deliver both top- and bottom-line growth and rapid ROI after implementation. It factors total guest value into the optimization process, considering potential revenue from food and beverage, spa and other profit centers alongside room revenue to ensure rates are developed with the total profitability of each guest segment in mind. The two-way data integration of Springer-Miller and guestrev frees hotel executives to optimize rate decisions via other Rainmaker solutions like revcaster®, a competitive rate-shopping tool that provides deep-dive local knowledge and analysis so hoteliers can monitor parity, maximize ADR and drive higher profits.
Bruce Horii, Director of Sales and Marketing for Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center in Breckenridge, Colo., has seen the benefits of the new integration first-hand. He remarked, “The improved communication between our property management and revenue management systems has saved us time and helped Beaver Run Resort better capitalize on revenue opportunities. It’s a great added value that Rainmaker and Springer-Miller Systems – two of our key technology resources – are working together and in sync.”
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