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Rainforest QA Launches Mobile App Testing Platform with Unparalleled Testing Speed, Accuracy

Rainforest QA, creators of an AI-powered crowdtesting platform, announced general availability of Rainforest QA Mobile App Testing. Rainforest Mobile is the industry’s only mobile testing platform to offer on-demand crowdtesting that combines both virtual machines (VMs) and real devices, resulting in unparalleled testing speed and accuracy. Built on Rainforest QA’s crowdsourcing and AI platform, the solution is faster, less expensive and delivers more reproducible results than any other mobile testing solution, all without requiring engineering resources to set up or manage.
Given the complexity of building on mobile — innumerable combinations of devices, operating systems, screen sizes, network operators and user scenarios — mobile application testing is one of the most time-consuming and expensive activities for QA and development teams. The challenge is exacerbated by the fact that test automation cannot adequately be applied to mobile app testing. According to a recent Capgemini report on quality and mobile testing, 65 percent of companies say a lack of tools is a key challenge of mobile testing, while nearly one in five companies blame a lack of time to test mobile apps. Since making the Rainforest Mobile Beta available in February to select customers, over 20,000 regression and exploratory tests have been executed by more than 3,000 testers.
Jitjatjo, an on-demand mobile marketplace app that provides instantaneous temporary staffing, turned to Rainforest QA to help streamline and optimize its testing activities. Rather than hiring and managing a team of quality engineers, Jitjatjo sought to create a more scalable QA strategy from the start. After working with other crowdsourcing solutions proved ineffective for their rapid release cycles, Jitjatjo implemented the beta version of Rainforest Mobile. With Rainforest, Jitjatjo was able to cover all of its testing needs and reclaim one third of the time spent on quality assurance.
Key benefits of the new solution include:
  • Unparalleled speed: Typical testing services return results after several days or weeks. With Rainforest Mobile, customers get fast, scalable mobile test results in less than 30 minutes for VMs, and within hours for real devices — both enabled by the Rainforest AI-powered crowdtesting platform.
  • Reduced cost: Rainforest Mobile combines virtual machine testing alongside real device testing, to reduce cost and take the burden on customers to manage hundreds of devices and mobile operating system versions.
  • Consistency: Real world device testing can waste time and resources, especially because bugs are hard to reproduce without the original device -- and its respective state -- due to the number of confounding variables across personal devices. Rainforest Mobile delivers consistent, repeatable states across each testing configuration required.
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