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Quail Digital Earns High Marks in Acoustic Test

Specialist acoustic testing laboratory, Orfield was commissioned by Quail Digital to provide independent data concerning the sound quality of the new Q-Pro5 all-in-one drive thru headset system, as it is rolled out across North America. The tests were designed to measure intelligibility at the speaker post in a range of environments using the speech transmission index (STI). The STI is an internationally accepted rating against IEC standard 60268-16 and was used to measure signal to noise ratio at the speaker post and the impulse response on the entire system.
The technical data report from Orfield Laboratories Inc., states:
The STI reading with noise reduction activated was in the ‘good’ and ‘excellent’ range at varying levels of inbound noise at the speaker post. On the factory setting the noise reduction circuit gave an improvement in inbound scores of 11% at 65dBA car noise and 70 dBA broad-band noise. The advantages of noise reduction techniques used in the inbound circuits of the system are evident in the results.
The Quail Digital system uses a duplex platform combined with noise and echo cancelling technology to maximize sound quality for both customer and order taker.  Quail Digital is the only system on the market to be full duplex under all conditions. Other systems retreat to half duplex in conditions where sound levels are too intrusive, so it’s only full duplex one way, the other is simplex. While this reduces inbound constant noise level and therefore increases voice clarity, it reduces the system’s effectiveness.

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