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Prestige Hotels and Resorts to Optimize Guest Experiences with Medallia Go

Medallia, Inc., a provider of customer and employee experiences, announced that Prestige Hotels and Resorts has selected Medallia Go as its experience management platform of choice.

“We are excited to be investing in the Medallia Go platform as a way to really hone in on our core objective as a company: achieving the highest level of guest satisfaction possible,” said Tanya Strong, Chief Operating Officer at Prestige Hotels and Resorts. “At Prestige, delivering superior guest experiences with a personal touch continues to be at the forefront of all we do, and now with our partnership with Medallia, we will be able to capture guest feedback and trends to ensure we are both meeting and exceeding our guests’ expectations.”

Officially launched at Experience 21, Medallia Go is an out-of-the-box customer experience platform for mid-size brands. After successfully piloting Medallia Go with more than 100 hospitality brands over the last 12 months, this new turnkey industry solution is immediately available for small to medium-sized property management and hospitality companies, with future expansion to include offerings tailored to additional industries such as credit unions, business and professional services and healthcare entities.

Prestige has invested in Medallia GO to optimize guest experiences at each of their locations and gain a holistic view of the guest journey. Engaging with their guests in their channel of choice is a key priority for Prestige Hotels and Resorts, and this technology investment will help them do this effectively.

“We’re eager to introduce Medallia Go, our new technology platform designed to level the playing field for brands looking to provide great customer experience,” said Medallia Chief Product Officer Sarika Khanna. “Offering peer and industry benchmarking analytics and other powerful tools, Medallia Go enables brands to uncover the ‘secret sauce’ that goes into creating meaningful customer experiences and find ways to quickly improve.”

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