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Premier Hotels Works with Availpro, Delivering Online Distribution Extranet Solution


Premier Hotels of the World announces its partnership with Availpro, an Industry leader in online distribution for hotels. Availpro and Premier Hotels of the World work together to develop a unique online distribution extranet solution including booking engines (Web-based, mobile and Facebook), smart channel manager, rate screener, and guest satisfaction tool to be included into the Premier Connect Suite. The technology also includes a state of the art cloud-based PMS and POS system.
Availpro reduces the amount of time that a hotel needs to manage their online distribution activity, while at the same time increasing the number of bookings that they receive from their own website, as well as from third party sites.
Says CEO of Premier Hotels of the World Martin Fabiano, "We are excited to announce the partnership with Availpro, which will give our member hotels a distinct advantage over other groups."

While the developed solution will be initially launched with the upcoming release of the Premier Hotels of the World collection in 50 branded member hotels,  Fabiano says, "We are working on an extended partnership with Availpro where we could offer our services, as well to Availpro Partner Hotels, and will focus on implementing the technology solution in all new member hotels that will join our brand. We believe strongly that our partnership will take both our businesses to new heights."

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