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Predictable Software Deployment and Device Management

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Company: Esper

Product Name: Esper Platform (Bridge, Architect, Nexus)

Contact: [email protected]


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Esper is not another cookie-cutter MDM. Esper provides seamless end-to-end management of Android dedicated devices within a reliable, adaptable, and scalable infrastructure. Take the complexity out of managing your hospitality devices — from POS and KDS systems in restaurants to self-service kiosks at arenas — to confidently manage your entire device fleet with ease. Deploy software updates seamlessly, access devices from anywhere, gain real-time performance data, and enforce policies with precision, all from a single, user-friendly dashboard. Esper is the key to gaining total control of your devices and delivering innovative guest experiences at scale.

“To support better customer and employee experiences across our POS, tablets, and other devices, we needed a solution that worked for our next generation enterprise Android apps. Esper is a true partner. Working with them allows us to move fast, save money, and now we can make strategic decisions about what hardware to use.” - Mas Yoshida, Director, Next Gen Restaurant Technology, Taco Bell

With Esper you can:

  • Automate manual device management tasks to create clear, scalable processes and reduce the time and resources required to manage devices. 
  • Get granular control over exactly what the end user can do with your devices. Lock devices to only do one job, limit user access, or set up a virtual geofence to ensure they operate where and how you want.
  • Ensure your devices are never compromised. Get data security, control, and the ability to monitor each of your devices to easily see whether they’re at risk, vulnerable, or tampered with.
  • Completely automate the testing and rollout process to mitigate risk, limit errors, and enable more frequent releases
  • Reduce tech support expenses by enabling remote support, monitoring, and debugging of devices so you can solve issues from anywhere
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At-a-Glance Information

Technology/solution type 

The Esper platform provides predictable software deployment and intelligent device management tools for Android dedicated devices. It comprises different plans designed to fit your budget, deliver the functionality you require, and position you to enhance your dedicated device experience.

  • Esper Bridge: Increase operational efficiency and fleet organization.
  • Esper Architect: Unlock device value with greater automation and control of the device lifecycle.
  • Esper Nexus: Meet complex and unique device needs with full control and customization.

Top 5 Most Innovative Features

  • Seamless provisioning: Set up devices quickly and en masse with zero-touch enrollment. Devices update to the latest version on bootup even if there are months between provisioning and delivery.
  • Staged rollouts: Stage your rollouts and easily push content to a test device, group of devices, or your whole fleet based on your custom groups and rules.
  • Remote control: Instantly view and control devices from anywhere. Debug, diagnose, and resolve issues without sending a technician into the field or shipping a device. 
  • Drift management: Set the compliance conditions of your devices or device groups and get alerts when a device has drifted. Drift examples: device offline, low battery, settings changed.
  • Robust telemetry: Esper gives you vitals from your devices, apps, and fleet. Watch software rollouts in real time, manage deployments, and check device health.

Customers include

  • Taco Bell
  • NextBite / Ordermark
  • Slice
  • Intelity
  • Xenial
“In hospitality, Android-based in-room tablets create a meaningful connection between the guest and the hotel, giving the guest broad contactless control over their stay. Guests can order dining, make service requests, adjust room controls, and much more with a few taps of a screen. Esper enables the INTELITY platform to globally deploy and manage devices across all of a customer's properties regardless of size. Through Esper's platform we can do remote installation and reduce the reliance on IT support at each hotel.”- Ira Dworkin, CTO, Intelity