POS with Video Cuts Theft, Saves Thousands

By the Rockies, the second largest franchisee of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's brands with 100 locations was experiencing a common quick service challenge:  how to improve operators while reducing loss.
While By the Rockies had point-of-sale (POS) systems in all of their restaurants and cameras in a subset of locations, the lack of integration and robust exception reporting left operators without a key profit impacting tool. Additionally, the company lacked the ability to leverage video driven intelligence to drive store level operations. Recognizing the opportunity to reduce loss, improve operations and drive profit improvements, By the Rockies management decided to examine a broad set of video-based options.
Managed Video as a Service
When searching for its ideal video-based system, By the Rockies had a number of requirements in mind. The solution needed to:
-          Feature robust reporting and alerting
-          Have a proven track record of results and ROI
-          Integrate with the company’s POS systems
-          Be easy to use
-          Require minimal IT resources to install, operate and maintain the video surveillance system
After evaluating several video providers, By the Rockies selected Envysion, who brings the Software as a Service approach to video with its Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) model. Envysion puts the power of video into the hands of a multi-unit operator's entire organization, enabling users to leverage remote video to gain actionable business insights that will improve operations and deliver a demonstrated 10 to 15 percent in profitability improvements. Through Envysion's Insight Marketplace (a solutions marketplace that leverages managed video) customers can select from a variety of approved partners who deliver specialized services.
By installing Envysion Insight, By the Rockies was able to:
-          Identify and reduce potentially fraudulent transactions, such as fabricated voids, refunds and comps
-          Ensure compliance with operations, sanitation and customer service procedures
-          Verify adherence to company policies
-          Track gift card usage and other marketing promotions to gauge their effectiveness
As a result, the company has seen a profit increase of several thousand dollars per location per month, as well as reductions in all key measured exception reports.
“Envysion Insight gives us unfiltered access into our store operations and enables us to increase our profitability,” says James Harmon, chief operating officer for By the Rockies. “Utilizing the service we have been able to assess and refine our operational practices, improve our customer experience and enhance our loss prevention efforts. By making these improvements, we saw significant increases in monthly profitability in Envysion pilot restaurants.”

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