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Ponderosa Increases Acquisition of Customer Contact Data Tenfold with WiFi

Home Style Dining, LLC (“HSD”), owner of the Ponderosa chain of restaurants, and Spot On Networks, LLC (“SON”) have announced an agreement to implement SON’s WiFiPlus+® services at all of the HSD owned and operated restaurants. WiFiPlus+® helps restaurants control energy costs, offer secure WiFi service and market directly to restaurant patrons.
During the pilot project HSD increased the acquisition of customer contact data by nearly tenfold. They were able to offer patrons discounts and other incentives to drive traffic while also reducing energy usage across a number of different heavy use appliances, which offset the cost of offering guests free WiFi.
In addition to reduced energy usage on many of the appliances used for food preparation and food service, some maintenance issues were pinpointed.
The Ponderosa restaurants that are owned and operated by HSD will all be outfitted with WiFiPlus+® considering the benefits experienced by the restaurant involved in the pilot project. The increase in customers visiting the restaurant as a result of having secure WiFi available coupled with the marketing approach, and the reduced energy usage due to the energy monitoring and control, is a win-win situation for the Ponderosa chain.
About Spot On Networks, LLC: Spot On Networks is the largest Wireless Internet Service Provider to the multifamily industry. In addition to offering managed Wi-Fi services to the multifamily, hospitality and commercial industries, Spot On Networks has a range of wireless services including CellBoostTM, a cell coverage enhancement service, and WiFiPlus+®, its wireless backbone integrated with energy management, building automation and security monitoring.
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