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Pizza Patron Rolls out iPad POS Over 100 Locations

Pizza PatrÓn, the disruptive pizza chain known for its non-traditional promotions like Pizza por Pesos® and Pizza por Favor, has selected Revel Systems as their POS solution for 100 plus store locations. With the implementation of Revel Systems iPad POS across the Pizza PatrÓn franchise, stores can tap into cross-store metrics such as sales and inventory reports from one secure cloud based portal.
Pizza PatrÓn selected Revel Systems to manage inventory across storefronts as well as easily manage revenue and employees to ensure each neighborhood location is providing the best service and food to its customers. Additionally, Revel Systems POS solution provides a simple interface that allows managers to easily customize menus and functionalities as well as train new employees in little time.  Pizza PatrÓn executives also stated that they were attracted to Revel’s PCI compliance in the wake of malware attacks on POS Systems. This is the common thread among many enterprise franchises that wish to maintain PCI compliance, as security is their top concern.
Devoted to offering friendly, bi-cultural service and everyday values to all hard-working families and individuals, Pizza PatrÓn chose Revel Systems based on the reliability and effectiveness of Revel’s POS system. Aligned with Pizza PatrÓn’s core values, Revel’s iPad POS solution will provide convenience for customers and make them feel at home at their neighborhood Pizza PatrÓn. Revel is currently live in 20 Pizza PatrÓn locations.
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