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Pizza Hut Tests Tabletop Technology to Further Engage Guests

Pizza Hut is in the concept phase of testing an interactive table, created in partnership with Chaotic Moon Studios, which has done work on the Pizza Hut mobile app. The table lets guests visualize their pizza as they construct it right on the tabletop touchscreen as they order it. Guests will be able to select crust, sauce and cheese (half or whole), then add toppings. The entire menu will be available on the tabletop.  
Courtney Moscovic, associate manager of public relations for Yum! Brands, Pizza Hut parent company, said the development of the interactive table is merely in the concept phase at this point, but is being developed to make the best possible customer experience. “It’s like the concept car of pizza ordering,” she says. “We are exploring all the best options and the best time and place to rollout the technology.” There are no firm plans to roll out the technology to all units yet.

While customers wait for a pizza at the interactive tables, they can play several games accessible from a screen that pops up after an order is placed. While it’s still being decided what the final games will be, Moscovic reveals that the games will be a nod back to the arcade games such as PacMan and Frogger.
Other plans for the tabletop screens include tying the technology to guests’ smartphones. Guests will be able to have a Pizza Hut account on their phones so they will be able to save previous orders as well as pay through devices such as mobile wallets.

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