Pizza Hut Franchisee Expects to Save Energy, Money with IoT

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Pizza Hut Franchisee Expects to Save Energy, Money with IoT


Pizza Hut franchisee American West Restaurant Group (AWRG) is forecasting double-digit energy savings thanks to an IoT approach to energy management.

EcoEnergy Insights developed a customized program for hundreds of AWRG's restaurants in California and Utah that integrates buildings across borders and allowing AWRG to save money and help the environment. Award-Winning Solution

AWRG has slashed its monthly energy usage by 18% by using an IoT solution.

In 2015, AWRG set a goal to reduce average monthly energy usage by 15%. EcoEnergy Insights helped to meet that in the first year and a half across the initial 8 restaurants. In fact, they achieved an average reduction as high as 18% in some months, which prompted AWRG to add hundreds more Pizza Hut restaurants. The strong results caught the attention of the judges at the 2018 Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON) who chose EcoEnergy Insights for the 2018 Environmental Leader Top Project of the Year Award.

"We were convinced that the answer was in advanced analytics, not in retrofitting, as in, modifications to existing restaurants that may improve energy efficiency or decrease energy demand," said Jerry Ardizzone, president, AWRG. "Our search for a technologically sound solution that would provide full restaurant visibility and take into account the dynamics of our operations led us to EcoEnergy Insights. I'm pleased we're working with EcoEnergy Insights – and that this engagement has been a recipient of the Environmental Leader award. EcoEnergy Insight's advanced analytics are reducing our carbon footprint and elevating AWRG's sustainable practices and social responsibility. We look forward to positive results through their platform and our synergies for years to come."

Using the intelligent CORTIX AI and IoT platform, EcoEnergy Insights was able to deploy a three-pronged energy site control strategy at each restaurant. This provided immediate results while laying a foundation for year-on-year savings as well as enabling data-driven decision-making. The restaurants were also connected to EcoEnergy Insights' Command Center, which allowed continuous benchmarking .

AWRG is now on track to save an estimated $2 million over the next five years for 250 Pizza Hut restaurants – which amounts to about 15,000 metric tons of CO2 saved in the process.  

EcoEnergy Insights, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics-driven business outcome services, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.