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Pizza Fusion Mesa Becomes First Restaurant in Arizona to Receive LEED Silver Certification

Pizza Fusion, pioneer of the environmental and organic restaurant movements, was recently awarded LEED Silver certification by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for its Mesa restaurant. This recognition makes Pizza Fusion the first LEED certified restaurant in Arizona.
"It's very exciting to finally receive official LEED certification," says Jennifer Parks, co-owner of Pizza Fusion Mesa. "I'm very proud to introduce Arizona residents to its first LEED certified restaurant. I hope this action will encourage other Arizona businesses to pursue more eco-friendly initiatives in their businesses."

Pizza Fusion's restaurants feature a number of unique, eco-efficient products, techniques and designs. Pizza Fusion Mesa's eco-elements include countertops made from recycled concrete and glass, soy stained concrete floors, tables made from renewable Kirei wood, eco-friendly paints, 30% recaptured industrial concrete, energy star certified appliances, insulation made from recycled blue jeans, ceiling baffles made from recycled composite board, low voltage, low heat lighting, and much more - all the way down to the 100 percent recycled toilet paper in its bathrooms.
"We are proud to be home to the first LEED certified restaurant in the Valley. Mesa has long been a leader in green living through its progressive recycling program and other conservation efforts," says Mayor Scott Smith of Mesa. "Mesa is a growing hub for companies and businesses that embrace alternative energy and conservation. We welcome innovative businesses like Pizza Fusion to our community."

In the United States, restaurants are the top electricity consumer among retail businesses, accounting for 33% of the total consumption. Each restaurant produces an average of 50,000 pounds of waste per year. Pizza Fusion's LEED certified restaurants reduce water waste by 40 percent and electricity consumption by 20 percent annually.

Pizza Fusion is considering likeminded franchise candidates for their national expansion throughout the United States over the next five years.
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