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Performance Analytics and Benchmarking Platform for Hotels Offers Real-Time Insight

eRevMax has launched Analytics, the first of its kind Business Intelligence (BI) solution which gives hoteliers instant visibility into their business performance at anytime from anywhere. Hosted on eRevMax LIVE responsive-web platform, RateTiger & Connect Analytics transform data into real-time insight to help hotels measure and improve key metrics including booking production, pace, competitive benchmarking, reputation monitoring and overall compliance to business plans.
Analytics has been designed in collaboration with revenue managers and brings key operational data together in a fully interactive dashboard and a rich variety of graphical reports. Compatible with desktops, laptops and tablet, this next generation BI solution gives hoteliers a bird’s eye view of overall performance, arming them with predictive insights and information to help optimize business productivity, costs and market position.
RateTiger and Connect Analytics by eRevMax, powered with sophisticated analytical capabilities and interactive reporting dashboard, offers benchmarking on important parameters, obtain real-time production data, analyse gaps to give hoteliers a clear picture of their business. Both solutions are being offered as a subscription based module within RateTiger and Connect solutions. Key benefits include:
Real-time property performance
Reservation details by arrival & booked dates
Competition Analysis on various parameters including production
Market insights on rate & availability
Projected v/s actual revenue performance
Compliance Alerts – parity, reputation, budget
Reputation score against competitors
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