Peninsula Hotels Upgrade to OPERA v5.0, Deploys OPERA Revenue Management System

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Peninsula Hotels Upgrade to OPERA v5.0, Deploys OPERA Revenue Management System

The Peninsula Hotels is upgrading all of its hotels to OPERA v5.0 and deploying the OPERA Revenue Management System (RMS) after successful pilots at The Peninsula Hong Kong and Peninsula New York properties. The deployment of the integrated revenue management system to the remaining hotels will be complete by mid 2009.

The Peninsula Hotels currently uses the entire suite of MICROS hotel products including MICROS OPERA Property Management System (PMS), OPERA Sales & Catering (S&C), OPERA Sales Force Automation (SFA), OPERA Reservations System (ORS), OPERA Customer Information System (OCIS), OPERA Web Suite (OWS), and MICROS Point of Sale solutions. With the implementation of OPERA RMS, The Peninsula Hotels will be able to closely monitor real-time changes in supply and demand, allowing it to respond instantaneously to changing business conditions.

"Given our past experience with revenue management solutions, we were very pleased to learn that a revenue management solution was being developed that would be truly and completely embedded in OPERA," says Shane Izaks, general manager information technology for The Peninsula Hotels. "After the implementation of OPERA RMS at the first two properties, we quickly realized how precise the forecasts are for transient demand, and more importantly the distinct work on group demand handling, which allows us to allocate a precise amount of inventory to transient demand. The fear of incorrectly overbooking the property is virtually eliminated. This is particularly important as the idea of walking a customer from a Peninsula hotel is quite simply unthinkable."

"We have been impressed with the user friendliness of OPERA RMS," continues Izaks. "Most importantly, because OPERA RMS is built into OPERA PMS and ORS, it has real-time access to all transactional, forecast and historical data, producing a very accurate forecast and rate optimization."