Pegasus Solutions Rolls Out RezView Mobile

Pegasus Solutions has further expanded its mobile offering with RezView Mobile, a product that gives hotels using Pegasus’ RezView NG enterprise delivery platform the ability to design native applications for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

The announcement follows Pegasus’ launch of the OpenFlex mobile website design solution just last week amid reports from eMarketer that the number of US consumers using mobile for travel research will climb to 29.7 million in 2012.

The firm says that travel booking has become platform independent. But, this should not be a limiting factor for hotels that feel pressed to choose between developing a mobile app or a mobile site. 

RezView Mobile allows hotel customers to configure mobile applications to brand and display preference in several languages.

Developed with NIIT Technologies, RezView Mobile leverages RezView NG’s award-winning next generation technology, and is available as a native application on the iPhone, the iPad and Android phones and tablets.

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