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Paytronix Adds Triggered, Real-Time Surveys to Loyalty Platform

Paytronix Systems, Inc. has announced a new Paytronix Survey Center that can be used to gather data and build rich customer profiles. The survey responses enhance the marketer’s view of their customers, which in turn drive more relevant promotions and marketing campaigns. Paytronix surveys provide real-time feedback triggered by actions and events such as a specific item purchase, general purchase or reward redemption.
Marketing teams will not only engage their guests in real-time, just as they make purchases or redeem rewards, but also save time in setting up and implementing guest feedback surveys.  Relevant, real-time messages based on guest behavior encourage guests to give feedback and enjoy rewards for participating.
The new Paytronix Survey Center is available immediately as a built-in component of the Paytronix Messaging solution. The real-time, actionable data of Paytronix surveys allow restaurants and retailers to communicate with their guests in a 1-to-1 manner, building richer profiles that loyalty program managers can leverage to increase visits and spend.
The Paytronix Survey Center includes a self-service, wizard-style platform that walks users through quick and easy creation of new surveys. Surveys are custom-branded for each restaurant, convenience store or retailer, and are sent using unique links that tie responses directly back into the guest’s account. Surveys can be triggered to all members who present a particular purchase behavior or to a percentage of guests whom demonstrate that behavior so that marketers and operators learn quickly and be more agile.
Marketers can now gather a wide range of survey information, including:
·         Food Quality—inquire about the quality of the food
·         Service Quality—inquire about the quality of the service
·         LTO Adoption—learn about guests’ likelihood to repurchase a limited time offer
·         Rapid Segmentation—group your guests by positive or negative sentiment or response frequency
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