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PayiQ's Payments Intelligence Solution Transforms Everyday Transactions into Secure First-Party Data on All Previously Anonymous Customers

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Data rules the day in a world where consumers are increasingly expecting personalized experiences. Payments Intelligence enables restaurants to build a consistent stream of first-party customer data so they can create personalization at scale.

Every time a customer swipes their card, all transaction and order data is captured, converted into a secure one-way token, and added to a customer profile. This gives businesses an entirely new lens into every previously anonymous customer’s behavior and purchasing preferences by extracting line-item data from payment transactions and transforming that data into net new insights.

These insights include:

● SKU-level data

● Purchase patterns

● Product preferences

● Location

● Frequency

● Lifetime spend

● Day part

● And more

You can use these insights to personalize customer offers and messages. No more guessing based on fuzzy customer profiles derived from multiple third-party data sources. Payments Intelligence® dramatically increases the accuracy and efficiency of your marketing through a consistent source of customer insights.

Payments Intelligence Data is Secure

The regulatory tides are shifting towards stricter control of personally identifiable information (PII). That’s why Payments Intelligence® was designed to transform problematic data into secure insights using our proprietary tokenization technology.

This eliminates compliance risks and effectively future-proofs your data management operation.

Payments Intelligence Can Be Integrated

When you’re ready to take your customer insights to the next level, you can integrate our solution directly into your point of sale. This allows you to make offers in real-time based on previous purchasing behaviors and menu preferences. 

Using our rules-engine, you can create automated marketing campaigns that give your customers a personalized loyalty experience.

To learn more about the power of Payments Intelligence, reach out to us here.

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“Every time a customer swipes their card, all transaction and order data is captured, converted into a secure token, and added to a detailed customer profile."

“At-a-Glance” information:

Technology/solution type: Customer Insight SaaS Solution

Top 5 Most Innovative Features of this tool/application:

● SKU-level transaction data capture

● Secure data tokenization

● Anonymous customer profiles

● Detailed segmentation capabilities

● Real-time loyalty offers and personalized messages

Contact information:
James Becker, Head of Payments Intelligence Business Development
[email protected]

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