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Partnership Delivers Digital Ordering and Real-time Guest Engagement

Paytronix Systems, Inc. and Olo have announced new jointly developed features that  enable restaurant chains to identify customers and transactions within the online ordering transaction then leverage that information via the Paytronix Real Time Guest Engagement Platform to bolster visits and spending with real-time rules, offers and messages. The connection between the two platforms creates a valuable CRM environment from which marketers can leverage guest behavior data to predict future behavior, strengthen guest relationships, and ultimately deliver a greater impact to the chain.
Paytronix and Olo have had a strong partnership leading up to this latest development. The two leaders share several clients in common. These latest features will deliver an even better user experience that will enable users to:
Login Seamlessly – With Single Sign-On, users will maintain and access a single account for online ordering and optionally a rewards program. This simplifies and elevates the guest experience between two digital touchpoints.
Enjoy Relevant and Timely Offers – By capturing ordering data in the Paytronix system, guests will benefit when marketers use the data to target segments with relevant, and thereby valuable offers.
Benefit from the Rewards Program – If a reward program is in place, guests can readily earn and redeem reward program currency within the online ordering interface.
With the enhanced integration, marketers can now leverage the single-sign-on guest information to execute on a one-to-one marketing strategy with or without a rewards program. When online orders account for a larger portion of all checks, the passive identification that is common to online ordering flows gives marketers access to rich purchase data that is tied to an individual. For the merchant, the new integration tools deliver:
Real Time Messages – Marketers benefit by being able to create unique, spend-provoking messages that are triggered in real time based on specific transactions and transaction content occurring within the online ordering flow.
Targeted Offers – The passive identification of the online ordering participant help the marketer build a frequency and spend detailed profile of each guest. This profile enables the marketer to segment in several ways to deliver offers that are optimized for individual segments. In other words, marketers now have the ability to limit cannibalized sales by avoiding sending offers to those who would visit anyway.
Campaign Center – The campaign center delivers data visualization tools to enable marketers to learn and act quickly on ever changing guest behavior. The center includes a target-and-control module that enables marketers to test the efficacy of offers by holding out a control group and then comparing the behavior against the target group.
Behavior-Based Rewards – Whether a published reward program is in place or a non-published reward system is activated, marketers can develop programs to reward guest behavior that is delivering value to the chain.
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