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ParcelPal Technology Expands into Restaurant Industry

ParcelPal Technology Inc., an iPhone and desktop computer service enabling consumers to shop from partner businesses and have items delivered locally within an hour through a fleet of crowd-sourced couriers, announced, as part of its ongoing commercial launch, that it's integrated technology solution for restaurants has been completed with a successful beta program and will roll out live into the Vancouver market in the coming weeks.
For each restaurant, the company will create a branded online ordering page that integrates with the restaurants website. Consumers will be able to directly order from the restaurant and choose if they want takeout or delivery. ParcelPal has streamlined order management, dispatch, and the entire delivery process to ensure an optimal user experience for both the consumer and the restaurant. ParcelPal's latest technology will bypass any point-of-sale integrations, thus simplifying the process for restaurants managing incoming orders.
Implementation cost and time are said to be minimal for the restaurants and will be economic for even the smallest quick service restaurant. Restaurants now partnered with ParcelPal have a fully customizable and automated solution for online ordering and delivery to their customers.
ParcelPal is already experiencing growth in the Vancouver market. This new restaurant solution will further enable ParcelPal's expansion into major cities across North America bringing more demand from this key vertical. 
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