Panic Solution Leader Relay Partners With Kinseth Hospitality Companies

Relay continues to be the first choice for hoteliers seeking to fulfill the AHLA 5-star Promise to improve employee safety and meet panic button mandates being set by a growing list of governments. Relay announced it will deploy its wearable and highly adaptable associate alert devices across 101 Kinseth Hospitality Company (KHC)- managed properties with 2000+ employees throughout the Midwest and Southern regions. 

“Relay was selected for its adaptive technology that will provide safety measures, allow for improved communications between staff members and provide a flexible platform that will allow us to locate and implement more efficiencies,” said Scott Lockwood, KHC Director of Purchasing/Technology. “We are eager to further streamline our back-of-house work to continue to improve our high-touch customer experience.”

Headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, Kinseth Hospitality represents award-winning select and full-service hotels, restaurants, catering and meeting facilities across 15 states. Kinseth Hospitality represents widely recognized, award-winning brands in the hotel and events industry including Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Radisson, Best Western and Wyndham, as well as, The Sioux City Convention Center, Twelve01 Kitchen & Tap, Rock Island Ale House, River Rock Kitchen & Tap, and McKnight’s Kitchen & Tap.

"We are thrilled to partner with Kinseth Hospitality and provide their employees with technology that will streamline day-to-day operations and prioritize workplace safety," said Barbara Sharnak, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing Strategy at Relay. “Kinseth is a leader in recognizing that employee satisfaction and security at work collectivity influences not only positive guest experiences, but substantial improvements across all areas of the business.” 

This partnership establishes Relay as Kinseth Hospitality Companies exclusive alert device partner, deploying Relay’s next generation, voice-first technology in Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. The pocket-size, easy to use device will be readily available for Kinseth Hospitality employees working in management, guest services, housekeeping, maintenance and restaurant front-of and back-of-house staff.  

The partnership expands its growing portfolio of properties, management companies, and brands who have selected Relay because it provides all-in-one functionality. Relay’s sophisticated technology is a significant upgrade from traditional walkie-talkies and do not burden employees with carrying multiple devices. 

Unlike traditional two-way radios, limited by range and repeaters, Relay devices operate on WiFi and 4G networks that enable users to benefit from uninterrupted communications. The data, analytics, and mapping capabilities of the devices and their ability to integrate into sophisticated operations systems are recognized for aiding national operations like Kinseth Hospitality in finding operational efficiencies. Relay features include:

  • Panic Alert: A single-button panic button solution to provide employers with the tools they need to give their employees the added protections they desire

  • GPS and 3D-Mapping Capabilities: Allow logistics to better distribute staff quickly via a cloud-connected dashboard feature 

  • Accountability & Verification: Validates employees responsible for delivery or receiving of goods and services via auto-capture 

  • Language Translation: 15 languages for team members to use to communicate more effectively internally and externally

  • Team Communications: Notifications via pre-recorded messages for the start and end of shifts

Hotel unions, state and local governments across the nation are proposing legislation for the safety of hospitality staff by mandating panic buttons for hospitality workers. Bills have been passed in eight states. The state of Pennsylvania (HB1944) and Georgia (SB389) are the latest to introduce panic button legislation. Relay provides ongoing updates on all legislative moves on Twitter and LinkedIn and will be releasing an update to their Legislative Guide on Panic Buttons this spring.

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