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Pan Pacific Hotels Shaves nearly $200K of off Energy Bills

Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is tapping Inncom International to assist in its sustainability efforts by increasing customer satisfaction while reducing energy consumption, carbon footprints and operating expenses in Malaysia, Indonesia and the United States. Using attractive and intuitive temperature and lighting controls, Inncom has designed welcoming guestroom environments that are enhancing each guests’ experience. 
The Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia, Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali, and Pan Pacific Seattle Hotel are among the first Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts properties to benefit from INNCOM’s sustainable solutions. The company’s Integrated Room Automaton System (IRAS), E528 Smart Digital Thermostat with on-board PIR motion detector, integrated “Privacy”/“Make-Up Room” functionality, and INNcontrol II solution (responsible for controlling guestroom lights, room thermostat, and other in-room systems) is lowering operating costs, increasing operating efficiencies, and helping each property to be truly “green,” all while achieving a return on investment within 2.5 to 3.5 years.
The Inncom E528 Smart Digital Thermostat with on-board PIR motion detector gives guests direct control of room temperature within a comfort range. When a guest leaves the room, the system initiates a guestroom temperature setback to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Because the system is networked, it alerts hotel staff of the guests’ request for Privacy or for a room refreshing (Make-Up Room). Inncom's IRAS with INNcontrol II is a real-time, server-based application that allows a central point of monitoring and control for all guestroom devices.
Quieting the skeptics
“We are glad that the skeptics — including ourselves — have been proven wrong,” says John Fernandez, Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport MIS manager. “We anticipated savings of $185,499.13 per year in energy costs. In addition, we realized that implementing the Inncom EMS will help us reduce annual emissions of CO2 by 1,716 tons each year. Before Inncom, the annual CO2 emission for electricity and chilled water consumption was 8,268 tons and 2,368 tons respectively, resulting in a total 10,636 tons of CO2 being emitted to the atmosphere each year.  Inncom has delivered a 16 percent reduction in overall CO2 emissions.” 
Through Inncom, hotel managers are able to: review room temperatures online, change the settings as required or as requested by guests, review historical data pertaining to individual rooms during a guest’s stay period, and detect any abnormality to the HVAC unit well in advance, he said.
“In reality, we have easily exceeded our own estimates in monetary value, CO2 emissions and guest satisfaction thanks to Inncom,” says Fernandez. “Inncom has delivered on its promise from day one, and they continue to exceed expectations in energy savings and guest satisfaction as we speak.”
System talk
Inncom is sharing information with a host of hospitality applications, including the property-management system and the electronic-locking solution. The system also provides HVAC maintenance and mini-bar status reports.
"With the Inncom systems, energy costs can be controlled by activating programmable temperature setbacks when guestrooms are not occupied," says Hans Winsnes, Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport general manager. "Temperature can be pre-set for 20 C when a guest enters the room but is automatically increased to 22 C when the guest exits. It is then re-adjusted to 20 C automatically upon re-entry. It has been proven that without compromising guest comfort, guestroom energy costs can typically be reduced by 30 percent or more. This in turn will reduce the chilled water consumption by almost 35 percent and fan-cooling unit electricity consumption by almost 40 percent.  We are able to do this with the installation of a motion sensor that is installed in all the guestrooms. This also helps our hotel associates to determine if the guest is occupying the room or not without having to interrupt the guest. Therefore, it minimizes intrusion on guests’ privacy and while enhancing productivity."
Winsnes adds that because Inncom enables guests to request privacy and room refreshing at a touch of button, it eliminates the need for guests to call the housekeeping or maintenance. The guest's personal request is displayed immediately on the corridor wall plate with the status of the guestroom being automatically updated centrally, enabling housekeeping associates to work more efficiently.
“Our primary mission is to design, manufacture and sell systems and expertise that permit our customers to reduce energy consumption and costs without having a negative impact on comfort,” says Raymond. “We look forward to bringing more Pan Pacific properties online with our sustainable solutions in the near future.”
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