P2PE Tech puts POS Systems 100% Out of Scope for PCI Compliance

FreedomPay has unveiled North America’s first PCI certified fully-functional, point-to-point encryption (P2PE) payment technology as part of its cloud-based FreedomPay Commerce Platform.
With the certification of its P2PE technology by the PCI Security Standards Council – and through key alliances with hardware vendors and validated secure distribution channels – FreedomPay offers a streamlined, cost-effective way for merchants to put their point-of-sale systems (POS) and networks 100 percent out of scope for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.
The solution includes:
The most advanced protection against breaches through PCI certified P2PE,
EMV technology, ensuring that merchants are prepared for pending EMV requirements,
All current payment technology standards including: NFC, Magnetic Stripe and PIN Debit,
A dramatic reduction in the compliance burden from 280+ Controls to just 19,
A path to broader payment and customer engagement solutions via the platform.
The FreedomPay Commerce Platform, which is modular and expandable, is designed as a one-stop solution for merchants who need secure POS transactions and want the capability to expand their commerce options today or in the future. Through its deployment, customers can reap the benefits of P2PE and easily tap FreedomPay’s portfolio of services, such as mobile payments, incentive programs, and robust reporting and analytics.
Some large food service vendors, who rely on FreedomPay Stored Value, are utilizing the FreedomPay Commerce Platform to gain the security benefits of P2PE including support for NFC, EMV and magnetic stripe. This security layer gives food service customers the comfort of knowing that their credit card details are being handled via the safest technology available. 
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