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OYO Debuts Its 'Scrubbed Clean' Program


OYO Hotels, one of the world's leading hotel chains, has developed the 'Scrubbed Clean' program with a set of recommendations to ensure that all its hotels in the US comply with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to ensure health and safety for everyone involved. A clean, safe, and hygienic environment for hotel guests and employees is now more important than ever. These recommendations are focused on enhanced hotel cleaning practices, enabling safe social interactions, and workplace protocols, while ensuring transparency throughout the guest journey, OYO is proud to say that our 'Scrubbed Clean' recommendations are aligned with the American Hotel and Lodging Association's (AHLA) Safe Stay guidelines and have been developed in conjunction with the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA). 

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To prepare for customer needs in the COVID-19 impacted world, with safety and cleanliness being the most important, OYO is planning several property-level actions:

Cleaning and housekeeping

  • Common areas (registration desk, lobby, elevators, business centers, dining rooms, etc.) will be cleaned at least four times a day
  • Hotel operators will provide proper PPE (personal protective equipment - face masks and gloves at a minimum) for all onsite hotel employees
  • Housekeeping staff will wear PPE while cleaning rooms
  • Housekeeping services/room cleaning will be performed only at checkout, or on-demand when the guests are not in the room
  • Hotels will use EPA approved disinfectants for cleaning rooms and common areas
  • For the same guest staying in the room, linen will be changed at guest's request only
  • Linens will be put in special, marked laundry bags in rooms (not hallways) and handled carefully to prevent spreading dust, with consequent potential contamination to surrounding surfaces or people
  • Product instructions will be followed for washing laundry in hot cycles (70ºC or more) with detergent


  • Markers will be created on the floor to ensure guests maintain a minimum of 6 foot distance from each other if a queue is anticipated (e.g. check-in desk, market pantry, vending machines)
  • All hotel employees will wear masks and gloves at all times
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available at all key entrances and exits for employees and guests (alcohol-based hand rub comprising 80% Ethanol or 75% Isopropanol)
  • Everyday, hotel managers will ensure that employees are safe and healthy to perform duties without infecting others (acceptable ways include using thermometer guns or thermal temperature sensors, or daily self-declaration by employees)
  • Posters will be placed throughout the property to inform everyone to maintain a minimum 6 foot distance from each other, and to wear masks when in common areas

Commenting on the development, Abhinav Sinha, Global COO and Operating Partner, OYO USA, "As a leading hospitality chain, we at OYO, are looking forward to welcoming many more of our guests back as travel restrictions are relaxed. The most important priority for our guests, partners and staff is to maintain health, safety, and well-being. Our 'Scrubbed Clean' program emphasizes best practices for creating a COVID-19 safe environment and has been developed in line with the CDC and AHLA Safe Stay guidelines. We want to assure our guests of a clean and comfortable stay while simultaneously protecting the health of our hotel partners and their staff, who are serving the guests day in and day out. We would like to thank our partners who have joined forces with us to boost this initiative across properties."

"As an OYO partner, we are all focused on giving our guests the best and cleanest experience possible. OYO's 'Scrubbed Clean' Program is a great guidebook for me and my staff to do our very best," said Ashok Kumar Bhatt, Owner, OYO Hotel East Hanover, NJ.

OYO has set-up a COVID-19 War Room to monitor and take immediate action during the crisis. The company continues to work with the Department of Homeland Security, National Guard, Red Cross, Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Health and Human Services and Mayors and Governors from across the country to meet any accommodation need that arises. As part of its medical First Responders program, OYO has offered 3500+ free nights to doctors, nurses and medical first responders across its 300+ hotels in the US so they can sleep, shower or just get off their feet and recharge.

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