Ovation and Incentivio Partner to Offer Omnichannel Guest Experience and Feedback Loop

Ovation, the 2-question guest feedback platform, and Incentivio, a fully automated intelligence-driven guest engagement platform for restaurants and virtual kitchens, have created a partnership that will enable restaurant owners to extend guest loyalty and ordering beyond brick-and-mortar walls, and gather actionable feedback from customers. 

How It Works

When guests at participating restaurants order through Incentivio, they will automatically be sent a text approximately when they've finished their meal asking them about their experience. Through Ovation's quick two-question survey, guests are connected directly to managers, leading to resolved concerns and improved operations. From there, satisfied customers are encouraged to create more direct orders, redeem promotions sent through email and text message marketing, and build stronger relationships with restaurants through Incentivio's loyalty solutions.

John Pepper, Co-founder of Boloco in Boston and a user of both solutions, said the partnership has been "a game changer. Our managers and corporate team feel comfortable enough to respond quickly to our guests, wherever they are, and resolve any negative situations. We have also seen a substantial increase in the amount of feedback we are getting.  I love this combo."

"... We're excited to enter into a partnership agreement where we can now offer both of our solutions to current and future customers," said Michael Addison, VP of Sales and Partnerships at Incentivio.

Incentivio leverages AI and Machine Learning to drive digital revenue and guest retention, combining online ordering and white-label restaurant apps with loyalty, gift cards, machine learning upsells, CDP analytics, a data-driven marketing suite, and guest journey management to give restaurants a powerful all-in-one restaurant platform.

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