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OSI Debuts New Websites for Travel Clubs and Timeshare Resorts

Object Systems International (OSI) has announced that it has launched two new web sites devoted to the timeshare/travel division of its business. OSI is a Utah-based, multi-national business, founded in 1999, with offices in Layton, Utah, and Sofia, Bulgaria. Its technology division focuses on enterprise-class, web-based records management solutions. Since the year 2000, they have been servicing the timeshare and travel club industry with TravelClubSoft (formerly known as @ttitude Resort System). Over the past several years, using their knowledge and experience in the timeshare and travel club industry, they have been developing their newest product, TimeShareSoft. TimeShareSoft (TSS) was developed out of necessity to accommodate some distinct needs of clients within the timeshare industry. TSS has been successfully implemented in multiple offices within Fairmont Resort Properties in Canada, as well as several single resort operations here in the US and in Canada.
OSI's travel industry software  is a web-based SAAS (Software as a Service) system, meaning that it is hosted and maintained by OSI, and users access it securely via a web browser from anywhere at any time. OSI's software, being both flexible and scalable, is capable of handling anticipated growth, regardless of how quickly it occurs, and regardless of its geographic distribution.  The technology and application have all the functions and features necessary to run the largest of enterprises, but can also be configured to run single resort operations and smaller travel clubs. Club
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