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Oracle Hospitality Survey: 58% of Consumers Do Not Belong to Any Hotel Program

Oracle Hospitality conducted a survey to find out what consumers – globally – want from their hotel loyalty program. It found that among all survey participants, 58.7% of respondents do not belong to any hotel program. Therefore, ample opportunity remains to recruit consumers to loyalty programs. To help hoteliers with this task, Oracle Hospitality's survey, What Do Consumers Want From a Hotel Loyalty Program? Global Survery Data and Insights, determined key attributes of successful programs and benefits that members most value.
Some of the key findings include:
  • When customers enroll in a hotel program, they demonstrate loyalty to the host brand. Globally, a pattern of repeat business was evident among members, ranging from 33.6% of Australians to 53.8% of Mexicans who said they often stay in hotels that offer their loyalty programs.
  • Customers want a loyalty program that is customizable. For instance, 61% are interested or very interested in being able to choose their rewards; 57% are interested or very interested in being able to customize their hotel experience (options for room choice, newspaper, checkout time, etc.); 54% are interested or very interested in a room upgrade.
  • Rewards must be relevant, redeemable and reliable. More than 20% of survey participants said they do not join loyalty programs because the offered rewards do not interest them. Plus, a major barrier to loyalty participation is the reality, or at least the perception, that it takes too long to earn rewards.
  • Hoteliers also need to clearly and simply explain the path to earning rewards – and dispense them early, often, and in a variety of ways. In addition to booking room nights, guests could gain reward eligibility, for example, for expenditures on hotels services such as spa treatments or spending in on-property restaurants. Plus, registration should be simple and quick. For registration, request no more than 4 or 5 points of information from prospective members. Hoteliers can always seek more details and preferences later to build their profiles.
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