Operto Launches Connect Operating System for Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Operto Guest Technologies, a provider of smart devices and connected technology for the global hotel, vacation and short-term rental industries, announced the launch of its proprietary Connect operating system. By connecting through an operator’s existing PMS, Connect will deliver seamless, memorable and ultimately bespoke lodging experiences; bringing together the guest, manager and ancillary service providers under a single operating system. Already known for its work with control systems for smart locks and other IoT smart in-room device technologies, Operto’s latest offering will further enhance guest comfort across the full array of accommodation types, from vacation homes to large hotels, and everything in between.

Darren Huston, Executive Chairman of Operto said; “Connect was created with the needs of the industry front of mind. Operators told us they wanted a new way forward in how technology is applied to their day-to-day operations and Operto Connect, our one-stop operating system to link guests to teams to in-stay technology, is our answer. Early results show that this solution will materially lower costs, enhance revenues, and leave guests much more satisfied.” 

How though can Operto help lower costs, enhance revenue and leave guests more satisfied?

Connect acts as a contactless, virtual concierge and/or front-desk for hotels, allowing the guest to provide payment/ID details, check-in, and access their room, all without human interaction, says Steve Davis, CEO, Operto.

"We envision a future whereby the front desk at most hotels is replaced by one, maybe two, employees who help arriving/departing guests, as opposed to 5 behind the front desk, with 3 more in the office," Davis adds. "So operationally there will be less employees and less overhead. Those employees who are in the lobby are there to ensure a fantastic guest experience."

Ryan Killeen, general manager of the Annex Hotel in Toronto, agrees.

"The high tech, low touch experience really makes sense in a post-covid world, where you’ve eliminated the front desk in favor of smartphone interactions," Killeen explains. "By removing the front desk and connecting directly to guests through their phones, it gives us a greater ability to interact between the guest and our team. With remote check-in, a guest can show up at the hotel and head straight to their room. It just makes sense; showing up to a hotel these days and waiting in line at a front desk seems like a very unnecessary process."

Connect can also unlock multiple, diverse revenue opportunities, Davis notes. From arrival, guests can access (and book) in-hotel (or local area) amenities, which the owner can highlight within Connect. For example: Guests can rent a surfboard, book a spot at the hotel restaurant for dinner, book a last-minute massage at the hotel spa, order up extra towels and a toothbrush to the room, or book any other amenities that the hotel offers… all from Connect.

"The monetization opportunities for the operator are endless," Davis adds. "A guest who booked a standard hotel room can upgrade to a suite in the future. The hotel will be able to make the offer directly to the customer, without going via the OTA that booked the original transaction, keeping all the additional revenue."

And Connect allows guests to decide how much (or little) they wish to interact with the hotel. Guests can choose to be "left alone" or to have their stay enhanced with special offers, activity ideas or touches, such as a bottle of champagne on ice in the guest room on the guest's birthday. 

"Technology allows our team to focus on the hospitality aspect, going above and beyond for our guests, using tech to enhance the experience," Killeen notes. "The guest has a smartphone in hand and is able to receive suggestions for the night ahead or perhaps get a message saying 'Hey, how are you? Would love for you to join us in the morning for coffee!' Tech can really personalize the interaction without it feeling fabricated."

Operto’s smart technology solutions are currently being used by vacation rentals, serviced apartments, hotels and niche accommodations across North America, Europe, Australia/NZ, Asia and Africa.

For more information, visit the Operto website here.

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