OpenKey and Cloudbeds Launch Integration to Streamline Contactless Check-Ins and Digital Keys

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

OpenKey, the industry standard for universal Digital Key in hotels, today announces a new integration with Cloudbeds, one of the world’s fastest growing hospitality management platforms. With this integration, when a reservation is made through Cloudbeds, the guest’s relevant information (e.g., mobile number and reservation details) will be automatically shared through OpenKey HOST to deliver a Digital Key to the guest’s smartphone.

Integrating reservation management with Digital Key technology provides an opportunity for hotels to offer a more streamlined check-in experience. With siloed solutions for reservations and digital keys, hotels have traditionally been required to collect guests’ information separately to connect their mobile devices to access their rooms. Now, with the joint efforts of OpenKey and Cloudbeds, guests who make reservations with Cloudbeds will automatically be issued a digital key to their smartphones – a significant step forward in contactless check-ins and enhanced customer experience.

“We could not be more excited for this integration,” OpenKey Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jacob Liggett, said “OpenKey and Cloudbeds are two of the world’s leading hospitality technology companies. Our growth at OpenKey is dependent on relationships and collaborations that push the industry forward and take guest services and customer experience to the next level – without increasing the burden on hotel staff.”

A partnership between OpenKey and Cloudbeds enhances each company’s offerings and helps them bring more value to hotels around the world. Now, Cloudbeds and OpenKey empower their customers to offer guests a more seamless experience – from booking their reservation to settling into their room.

Cloudbeds Vice President of Partnerships, Sebastien Lietner commented, “Our partnership with OpenKey is yet another example of how our Hospitality suite can seamlessly connect with other travel technology companies to provide a better experience for hotel owners and their guests. We’re delighted to work with OpenKey to do just that.”

In a post-pandemic world, it’s essential for hotels to deliver a safe, frictionless guest experience. This integration delivers that experience – eliminating the need for in-person check-ins and physical keycards for guests who make reservations through Cloudbeds. By including Digital Key with online bookings, OpenKey and Cloudbeds are helping hotels enhance guests’ safety and satisfaction.

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