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Onosys Selected as Brand-Wide Digital Ordering Platform for Round Table Pizza

Onosys announced that long-time client, Round Table Pizza, has chosen Onosys as the brand-wide digital ordering solution for the pizza chain’s 450 locations. Round Table Pizza has been working with Onosys since 2008, and in addition to renewing its contract has also committed to moving its remaining 160 locations to the Onosys digital ordering platform.
At one point, Round Table Pizza had as many as three different digital ordering platforms across its franchise system.  After conducting a thorough review of 12 different ordering providers, Round Table Pizza concluded that Onosys was the best choice based on the strength of its technology and people.  In addition to renewing its contract, Round Table Pizza also committed to consolidating all its locations on the Onosys digital ordering platform.
“After interviewing each of the online ordering companies, we realized that Onosys is the best in pizza and the best fit for our brand,” said Andrew Kohn, Director of Business Technology for Round Table Pizza. “Our evaluation included a large number of technical criteria, but the decision ultimately came down to three things: 1) who’s best in pizza, 2) who can seamlessly deliver the Round Table Pizza brand experience, and 3) who would provide the best support to our franchisees. When I talk to peers in different organizations about online ordering, I tell them they need to talk to Onosys.”
Pizza is arguably the most complex food product to order given the number of toppings and available customization options, not to mention all the coupons and promotions that can vary from location to location. Round Table Pizza wanted a digital ordering solution that was sophisticated enough to provide customers all the flexibility they would have if they were ordering the product at a Round Table Pizza restaurant. 
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