Omnivore Integrates Its Platform with POSitouch's POS Solutions

Omnivore, a cloud-based platform that facilitates connections to point-of-sale (POS) systems by enabling a single integration through its API, announced the integration of its platform with POSitouch’s POS solutions. POSitouch, in conjunction with Omnivore, enables restaurants to deploy the latest app technologies to help businesses grow and maximize customer engagements. The combined solution extends the value of the POS for POSitouch clients, who will be able to maximize service potential from delivery and online reservations to payments, loyalty programs and more.
Omnivore’s integration with POSitouch provides the restaurant industry with expanded capabilities from their POS investment. Omnivore’s API connects the POSitouch system to a growing marketplace of apps to drive better services and efficiencies. It makes it easier for restaurants to integrate, test and activate different apps in POSitouch to increase customer engagements for food delivery, online reservations, tablet ordering and much more.
This integration helps to elevate customer service for restaurants, no matter their size. By improving restaurant operations, successful brands can overcome the challenge of efficiently deploying new technology quickly. For example, with Omnivore, a multi-unit franchise with POSitouch can turn on multiple delivery apps to ensure customer service is being provided to different geographical locations. This provides the franchise with better customer service, improved delivery options and the potential for additional off-premise revenue streams.
POSitouch enabled with Omnivore transforms operational efficiencies within a restaurant through a variety of apps. The Omnivore Marketplace includes robust apps like tablet ordering and payment. Easily integrated with POSitouch, these apps in the Omnivore Marketplace provide solutions for restaurants to serve customers faster and more accurately resulting in better operations, positively impacting the bottom line.
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